COPY:Emma's Story

The Truth Behind Prop 2

Fraud and violence at the heart of America's animal welfare regime

Over 8 million Californians went to the polls in 2008 to vote for Proposition 2, which promised a cage-free future for animals suffering in factory farms.

But an investigation into the California regulatory system and “humane certified” egg giant JS West shows that California voters have been deceived. 


Emma's Story


Emma was just a baby when her legs started to hurt. It started with a little numbness. But by 10 weeks of age, she could no longer stand, victim to one of the many diseases ravaging the flock. When DxE investigators found her, she had just collapsed to the floor of the cage. As she screamed in fear, a horde of birds stamped on her head, back, and neck. She would have died within hours.

But, Emma, unlike countless other animals, was saved.


Regulatory Failure

There has not been a single enforcement action since the law went into effect. Senior animal control officers say they lack the most basic information, access, and training to enforce the law. 

Consumer Fraud

While the public was promised cage-free, hens are still being raised in filthy, miserable cages that the industry refers to as “enriched colony” systems. 


Millions of hens, like Emma, are mutilated, starved, and trampled to death in the crowded filthy conditions.