Forum 2017: #PlantYourFlag

May 24th - 30th, 2017 - Berkeley, CA



Forum 2017: #PlantYourFlag

May 24th - 30th, 2017 - Berkeley, CA



Registration takes place at 9:00am Wednesday through Saturday at Anna Head Hall (2537 Haste Street). On Sunday, feel free to meet us in San Francisco for the protest at 11:00am and on Tuesday in Berkeley at 8:30am. Details in calendar below.

Every year, Direct Action Everywhere organizers and activists from around the world come together to connect, re-connect, and engage in communal learning for one ultimate reason - to become better advocates for animals.


Build connections with 300+ of the most passionate and ambitious activists from the world over.


Learn from the leading veterans in Open Rescue, Nonviolent Direct Action, and Animal Care.

Direct Action

Turn Nonviolent Direct Action theory into practice and take to the streets with us.


Can't attend yourself, but want to support other activists going?

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About the theme: PLANT YOUR FLAG

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We must have a bold vision of the world we want and a clear path to get there. 

We are at the beginning of a long, uncertain, and bumpy road towards animal liberation. It took over 30 years of attempts before the first successful ascent of Mt. Everest. Yet today, hundreds of people reach the summit annually. The only reason climbing the infamous mountain is much more approachable today is because of the flags (knowledge, resources, and yes, literal flags) laid down by preceding climbers. While none of us can single-handedly mark the entire path to our summit, every one of us can plant flags along the way. 

What flag will you plant?




Friday, May 26th

All Breakout 1 Sessions+

Anna Head - Front: Social Media + Video Editing 101 (Priya, Zoe)
Anna Head - Back: Vivisection (Aaron)
Patio: The Art of the Speakout and Chanting (Sasha)
Berkeley ARC: Chicken Care (Alicia)
Plentea Lounge: Developments in Berkeley (Zach)
People's Park: Chapter Hacks (Aidan, John)
Adventure: Chalking (Kelsey)

All Breakout 2 Sessions+

Anna Head - Front: The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (Jay)
Anna Head - Back: Media Training (Anna)
Patio: Use of Language (Aidan)
Berkeley ARC: Social Movement Theories + DxE 101 (Amy, Michael)
Plentea Lounge: Photography and Photo Editing (Carson)
People's Park: Protest Planning and Marshalling (Almira, Naomi, Priya)
Adventure: Chalking (Jesse)

Saturday, May 27th

All Breakout 3 Sessions+

Anna Head - Front: Press: Writing an Advisory and Release (Zach)
Anna Head - Back: Art (Leslie)
Patio: Writing Songs of Liberation (Eva)
Berkeley ARC: Pigeon Care (Elizabeth)
Plentea Lounge: Activism At Work (Lucas)
People's Park: Know Your Rights (Sona, Sonya, Hogan)
Adventure: Leafleting with Vegan Outreach Legend (Steve Erlsten)

All Breakout 4 Sessions+

Anna Head - Front: Start a Save Movement Chapter (Anita)
Anna Head - Back: Productivity Training (Wayne)
Patio: Police Liaison Training (Chris)
Berkeley ARC: Vocal Training (Sapphire)
Plentea Lounge: Writing Op-Eds and LTE (Amy, Zach)
People's Park: Tabling, Outreach and Ask a Vegan (Naomi, Orlando)
Adventure: Leafleting with Vegan Outreach Legend (Steve Erlsten)

Sunday, May 28th

Monday, May 29th

Tuesday, May 30th


Forum Testimonials

Forum Testimonials

Not only did I learn a lot, I also got the chance to connect with so many people who believe that we will achieve animal liberation.
— Tiffany Walker, New Haven
This Forum was truly a life-changing experience for me. For me it opened up a new world of possibilities in terms of helping animals and I met so many incredible people.
— Corey Rowland, Tallahassee
The energy that’s created when so many amazing individuals from all over the world come together to fight so honestly for such an amazing cause makes me feel quite sure that we will change the world.
— Sophia Katsanikakis, Vancouver
I hate large groups of people, protests and lectures -so on paper then, I should absolutely hate the Forum. I love it.
— Wilson Wong, Berkeley

Scenes from Last Year

Scenes from Last Year