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Wilson works in a material science startup in the Silicon Valley. Previously he co-founded the DxE Vancouver chapter, and has done some form of animal advocacy in 4 different countries across Asia and North America. Currently, he heads the Design and Website working group. He likes his motorcycles fast and coffee slow.

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Adam is a leading organizer for DxE in Community Development and Culture and Values. He is also a lawyer and works at a nonprofit focused on delivery creative, cutting-edge solutions to eliminate homelessness. Adam also coaches leadership programs and organizes the Jewish Animal Liberationists affinity group.



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Born and raised in Iowa, Matt’s stance for animals has always made him something of an outsider. Taking advantage of Iowa's role in the 2016 presidential race, Matt began organizing political disruptions and soon became known as DxE's disruptor-in-chief. Matt now lives in Berkeley where he takes a lead role in Outreach efforts. 

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Born and raised in Nicaragua, Tania moved to Berkeley to help make it the first animal friendly city in the world. She's passionate about outreach, protest and sanctuary support and their roles in realizing total animal liberation!




Jake is a key member of the DxE Tech team, where he helped migrate DxE's mailing list to a new platform as well as works on many other important projects. At his day job, Jake works in IT at Peet's Coffee. When he's not working, he can often be found cycling in the Berkeley hills.


Samer is the co-founder and lead organizer of DxE's tech team, where he makes sure that all the behind-the-scenes technology is working smoothly so all other groups can accomplish their goals. Samer works at Dropbox in San Francisco and is well-known for his selfies. 


Ateret is a core organizer of the DxE Colorado chapter. Currently, they works on fundraising in Colorado and is on the social media working group. When not fighting for total animal liberation, Ateret is a high school student who loves late night adventures with friends.


Hana is a core organizer of the DxE Colorado chapter and a lead organizer in DxE's Animal Care Network. They promote and support sanctuaries and mentor those interested in adopting animals and starting microsanctuaries. Hana also works as a community health nurse. 


Paul was born and raised in West Virginia's northern panhandle and joined DxE in Chicago after finding it through Basedworld. Since moving to Berkeley in May 2016, he's stepped up to lead open rescue teams, help mange the Berkeley Animal Rights Center and contribute to the Meetups, Design and Culture working groups. Paul loves volunteering at Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary every month and he loves you!


Kitty is an activist and famed goofball. Kitty was born in Vermont and grew up with a lot of companion animals in her life including her beloved pitbull, Wakiya. In high school, Kitty became politically active and spent more time volunteering and protesting than in school. She currently lives in Berkeley, with a lot of people, and her two cats, the loves of her life, Nikiqua & Bulgogi. Kitty studied wildlife ecology and Chicano studies at UC Berkeley . 


Ashley was first inspired to take action for animals raising chickens in her hometown of Kansas. Working as a travel nurse, Ashley stumbled upon DxE in the Bay Area and never looked back. She is always ready to step in to help out with a big smile on her face. When she is not protesting or organizing community events, she can be caught dancing, singing, and making everyone laugh!



Eva is an organizer with DxE Chicago, a musician, and a board-certified music therapist. She grew up in Eureka, CA and went to college at Western Michigan University. She works for a nonprofit hospice company, where she uses music to address symptoms of dying patients and their families. She enjoys Chicago's comedy scene, green spaces, and dog beach. She lives in the Chicago DxE House.


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Kelsey is an activist, musician, poet, nature and animal lover, and soccer player. She worked in urban forestry after graduating from Oberlin College with a BA in Environmental Studies and Politics and is now a Quality Care Administrator in a lab. She’s an activist not only for the animals, but also for climate change, LGBTQ, women’s rights, BLM, and more. She lives with Ashton, her rescue dog companion and lives in a DxE Activist House in Chicago.


Araceli a behavioral therapist that cares for children with autism. She is currently a student at Northeastern Illinois University and is studying to become a social worker. She was born in Mexico and her family later moved to California. She loves to travel and help others. She has 2 brothers and 1 sister. Araceli helps manage DxE's Instagram page, does outreach for the Chicago chapter and networks with other social justice groups.  


Zoe is a 14 year old activist from San Luis Obispo. She organizes protests for animal rights and runs a farmed animal sanctuary called Happy Hen Chicken Rescue. She’s a member of the DxE social media and animal care working groups. Zoe believes that animal liberation can and will happen. 



Andrew is a member of the Bay Area animal sanctuary team.  Currently focused on bringing human animals closer to non-human animals, you can find him working at sanctuaries and welcoming new folks at the Berkeley ARC.  He would love for you to talk to him about starting your own microsanctuary. When not fighting for total animal liberation, Andrew researches human genomics as a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley. 


John graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Economics with minors in Philosophy and in Business. He spends most of his non-activist free time compulsively studying whatever interests him and walking around dog parks with his two dogs Kalani and Sabrina while listening to lectures. He never ate animals in his life and through DxE he awakened his deep passion for animal rights activism that laid latent in him since his infancy.


Cassie came to Berkeley to attend UC Berkeley and she's staying to change the social norms around violence towards animals. She helps strengthen the community in the meetups working group and works on a variety of projects to get the issue of animal rights recognized. She looks forward to animal liberation in 2056 and to the fight along the way.