For reasons mentioned earlier, building a strong, supportive and empowered community of activists is essential for a sustainable and effective social justice movement. We focus on building local activist communities as well as connecting activists from different chapters and different parts of the world. 

4.1 - building Locally

Activists at a Bollywood Night event at the Berkeley Animal Rights Center

 Activists enjoy vegan pastries at the Berkeley Animal Rights Center.

Activists enjoy vegan pastries at the Berkeley Animal Rights Center.


In the Bay Area, we host community events all the time! We are blessed to have a large community and our own space - the Berkeley Animal Rights Center. We strive to offer some events that occur at the same time and same place every week, e.g. we host Saturday morning Meetups every week at 11:00am. Most other chapters host one community event a month. These events could be a potluck, movie screening, hike, restaurant outing... the possibilities are endless! While most of these events are primarily focused on community, we often spend 5-10 minutes talking about activism and promoting upcoming protests. 

4.1.2 - Connections

Successful movements are powered and sustained by deep, and empowering relationships between activists. DxE Connections is a simple program aimed at building these deep, meaningful friendships. The mechanics of Connections is simple: Two activists visit 1 other activist and meet for an hour – a “Connection.” All other factors of the connection are flexible: activists have connected over coffee, over food, on a walk, while cooking together or even while protesting together! Organizers are encouraged to spend some time in small groups with activists, especially new activists, to ensure they feel supported and empowered. 

4.2 - building globally

4.2.2 - Email

Email is the primary way we send out general notifications, especially information relevant to our current campaign and monthly Day of Actions.

If you are involved in our international campaigns - we will add you to our mailing list for campaign related information. If you are not getting emails about our campaigns, and you think you should - contact


DxE uses social media in the following ways:

  1. Direct Action Everywhere Facebook Page - This is our public face of Facebook, where we share content in support of animal rights and showcase highlights of the works our activists do. It is also this page where we host our Monthly Day of Actions.
  2. Twitter - Follow us @DxEverywhere
  3. YouTube - Watch our latest videos at Direct Action Everywhere
  4. Instagram - Check us out @directactioneverywhere
  5. DxE International Organizers Facebook Group - This is a private Facebook group where DxE Organizers help plan DxE Days of Actions, share stories and talk about other issues

4.2.3 - Strategy Calls

We hold a monthly strategy call to share developments in our network, to discuss the new projects we have been working on, and to highlight activists in our network. The strategy calls happen on the first Sunday of every month at 10:00am PST and are a requirement for all DxE Organizers.


The ALC (previously the DxE Forum) is an annual week-long convergence that occurs over Memorial Day weekend where organizers and activists from around the world come together to connect, reconnect, and engage in communal learning for one ultimate reason - to become better advocates for animals. You can find out more at 

Activists protest at Pier 39 in San Francisco during the 2017 Forum.

Activists soak up valuable knowledge during the 2017 Forum.