DxE is more than a day of action here and there. We inspire activists to build thriving and self-sustaining communities (chapters) for animal rights. Chapters:

  • participate in the monthly day of action
  • have regular (at least once a month) community events
  • organize additional actions at relevant and important local events
  • take part in the monthly strategy call
  • work towards being a Core Chapter and part of the Global Steering Committee

Use this checklist to help guide your Chapter development process.

Use this checklist to help guide your Chapter development process.


Before you read the rest of this section, it would be helpful to have a printout of the Chapter Development Checklist. It contains a concise breakdown of all the most impactful steps you can take to build a chapter in your local community.

5.1 - Finding a core team

Creating these communities requires effort and energy from a diverse group of people. It is important that you find a group of people who can meet regularly and take responsibility for organizing the actions and events in your city.

How do you find a Core Team? +

Sometimes, setting up a core team is as easy as putting a call out to dedicated activists who are able to meet the proposed standards and fulfill the responsibilities.

Other times, it may be difficult to find people who are able or interested. If you need help finding a core team of organizers, e-mail mentoring@directactioneverywhere.com. We will help by setting up a meeting with you, activists in your city, and an organizer from an Core Chapter (via Skype). In this meeting, we can further explain the mission, vision and tactics of DxE and work with your community to enable people to become involved as organizers.

Typical core responsibilities include:

  • Organizing monthly days of action and other disruptions
  • Community growth, engagement and development through community building events and endeavors
  • Managing the chapter’s social media
  • Mediating conflict within the community
  • Making decisions related to use of funds and fundraising
  • Making decisions related to overall direction and actions of the chapter
  • Upholding DxE Values and culture at all times

Typical standards for core organizers include:

  • Read and agree to Handbook, organizers' agreement, principles and values (required)
  • Attendance at core meetings
  • Attendance at all actions and community events
  • Empower others in the community
  • Accountable, reliable and responsible
  • Takes initiative and ownership over projects and idea
  • Commitment for one year

5.2 - GEtting involved in the international network

DxE is YOU! We want and need your help and there are many ways to get involved in the network beyond your local chapter. We grow based solely on the initiative and effort of our members. If you have questions, e-mail mentoring@directactioneverywhere.com.

5.2.1 - Working groups

Direct Action Everywhere's network can only function because of the many dedicated activists who work behind the scenes.
They set up mailing lists and write code. They fold leaflets and design placards. They edit videos and write speak-outs.
They make Direct Action Everywhere possible.

There are a number of working groups, with new ones being created constantly. Some of these working groups include:

  • Forum
  • Legal
  • Press
  • Social Media
  • Tech

5.2.2 Working Group Standards

Working groups are by default open to anyone who wants to contribute. We do ask that members commit to our principles and values and sign the Working Group Members Agreement