6.1 - What is it?

The Global Steering Committee (GSC) is a group that offers strategic advice for the DxE network, makes new suggestions to the Friends of DxE fundraising entity regarding use of funds, and encourages the development of new chapters around the world. The GSC is made up of delegates from DxE Core Chapters and meets once a month. 

DxE uses the affiliate model of organizing based on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Instead of having individual members, we seek out organized chapters and communities. Chapters that meet certain requirements are recognized as Core Chapters and become eligible for membership in the Steering Committee in the form of one or more delegates (depending on size and degree of contribution).

6.2 - Standards

There are two sets of standards governing the Global Steering Committee (GSC):

  1. Standards for Core Chapter Status
  2. Standards for Delegates

The second set of standards will only be evaluated if the first is fulfilled.

6.2.1 - Standards for Core Chapter Status +

All of the standards have to be met for chapters to be considered Core Chapters.

  • Core organizing group of at least 3 people, including mailing list of core organizers who have committed to organizing principles, reviewed the DxE Organizer’s Handbook, and commit to meeting regularly.
  • Commitment by all core organizers to stay involved over the next year.
  • Yearly goals set for local growth, impact and other relevant objectives. Yearly goals are reviewed at least quarterly and modified as needed.
  • Participation by the core organizing group in:
    • Every day of action and strategy call over the past 6 months
    • Monthly community event/open meeting over the past 6 months
  • Creation and maintenance of a virtual space (facebook page, website, etc.) with statement of organizing principles, calendar, and ways to get involved.
  • Commitment to assist the DxE network with international organizing and campaigns (social media, press, video editing, identifying and mentoring new international organizers, etc.)
  • Consensus approval of current Steering Committee members (may change to a voting process as committee gets larger)

6.2.2 - Standards for Delegates +

All of the following standards have be met for an organizer to qualify to be a delegate on the GSC:

  • Core organizer of local chapter for at least 6 months
  • Membership in Working Group for 3 months
  • Commitment to DxE Organizing Principles
  • Consensus support of current Steering Committee
  • Commitment of doing 10+ hours of work per week (including weekly meeting)

6.3 - Application

Ready to become a Core Chapter and join the Global Steering Committee? Apply below: