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Sarah and Angie were born in a filthy, crowded shed of a Whole Foods' turkey supplier. They never knew their mothers. Their faces were mutilated. And by seven weeks, they were on the brink of death -- starving, unable to fend for themselves, and trampled by thousands of other animals. They huddled together as they awaited a violent death, two of the 43 million victims of the deadly Thanksgiving feast nationwide.

Yet Sarah and Angie were raised in one of the most celebrated farms in the Whole Foods supply chain, one of only 3 out of 2100+ farms given the highest 5+ rating by the Global Animal Partnership. Sarah and Angie’s abuse is one small part of a much larger lie -- the myth of “humane” animal agriculture.



Sarah and Angie were two of the lucky ones. Direct Action Everywhere investigators found them, sick and starving, on the floor of a Whole Foods farm. But millions of other birds never get a chance at life, despite having the same feelings that you and I have.