What We Do

DxE in LA. 

DxE in LA. 

 DxE is a platform. We have no office. We have no bureaucracy. We have no lines of authority. 

DxE began, in early 2013, when a few activists in the Bay Area, in communication with friends in Chicago, Phoenix, and other cities, began to discuss a vision for movement building. A vision of grassroots activism rising up in a powerful cascade all across the country and world. A vision of animal liberation. 

Our organizing principles bring us together. 

We believe in the power of direct action

We offer aid to local organizers. 

And, from you, we want ideas, actions, and inspiration.

See our library of suggested reading materials for more.  

Organizing Principles

Earthlings - No Longer Blind to Injustice

Earthlings - No Longer Blind to Injustice

We believe in, and fight for, Total Animal Liberation. We are animals. And we work for the immediate liberation of our brethren (human and otherwise). We speak and fight for non-human animals in the same way that we would speak or fight for our brothers, sisters, or children. We take the victim’s perspective, aspire for total species equality, and contest the moral elevation of human traits ("humane" is not the same as "good"; "reason" is not the same as "value").

We take, and ask others to take, nonviolent direct action. We directly confront the ideas and institutions that leave animals in cages and chains. We are open and proud in standing up for the oppressed. We believe in the spirit and power of creative protest, of dissent, and of a beautiful vision of a just and peaceful world. We strive to create heroes out of ordinary people, heroes who take the liberation of animals into their own hands.

We tell stories to inspire. We tell stories from the animals’ perspective. Stories to radicalize. Stories to move you. Stories to change the world.

We are a community.  We believe in the power of friendship and community, of social support and companionship, and of virtuous cycles and memes. We believe in the wisdom of crowds, and in the spontaneous creativity of the masses. We are going viral, and we won’t stop until all of the animals are free.

We dream big, and have the courage and conviction to see our dreams come true. We see beyond the next frontier. We believe in a world where the quiet oppression of complacency is replaced by the vigorous dissent of a movement for change. We dream of a world where all the animals are free.

Why Direct Action?

Why Direct Action?

In 1960, four students sat down at a white lunch counter at a Woolsworth in Greensboro, North Carolina. What they were doing was - because of the color of their skin - illegal. It was also rude, brazen, confrontational, and downright dangerous. Even the black waitress who was working the counter did not approve. “Fellows like you make our race look bad,” she scolded.

Plan an Action

Anyone can plan an action. Here are some things to think about.