Anyone can plan an action. Here are some things to think about.

1. Initial preparations.

- Find a team. It’s always easier, and more fun, to work with others. 
- Tell a story. Use scripts and models from other actions that you liked. 
- Reach out for help. Many groups, including DxE, will offer assistance, posters, leaflets, or other guidance.

2. Scout, and pick, a target.

- Scout the space. Do you have the space you need to perform the action?
- Scout the location. Can activists reach the location easily?

3. Drum up interest.

- Use social media.
- Ask other groups to publicize your event.
- Focus on hooking social networks, and not just individuals. For example, go to a show with a sympathetic audience, and ask all of them to come.
- Create investment among activists. People are more motivated on campaigns they have ownership over.

4. Implementation.

- Be prepared for hostile responses, from the police or the target.
- Practice beforehand.
- ALWAYS have cameras ready; take lots of video and photos.
- Don’t be afraid to fail; learn from mistakes.

DxE SF Bay Area -- preparing for the Stanford University action. 

DxE SF Bay Area -- preparing for the Stanford University action.