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Two people are facing years in prison for filming conditions inside what they call a deathstar -- one of the largest factory farms in the US -- and rescuing two dying piglets. Their trial starts September 9, 2022.

Tell Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes: Prosecute Smithfield Foods, Not the Whistleblowers

DxE investigators documented dead and diseased piglets languishing in their mother’s feces and injured adult pigs physically unable to stand at Smithfield's Circle Four Farms in Milford, Utah. Join us in demanding that Utah AG Sean Reyes prosecute Smithfield for animal cruelty, and drop charges against the people who exposed this abuse and rescued two dying piglets.

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Smithfield Foods is the largest “pork” producer in the United States, slaughtering one fourth of all the pigs killed for food in the US. It is owned by the Chinese company WH Group, which is the largest "pork" producer in the entire world with an annual revenue of 27 billion dollars.

In 2017, investigators with Direct Action Everywhere infiltrated Circle Four Farms. This one farm is over 50 square miles with over 300 barns and 150 manure lagoons on site. The investigators filmed the conditions inside with a 360 degree virtual reality camera.

Their footage, titled "Operation Deathstar," documented row after row of mother pigs crammed inside gestation crates barely bigger than their bodies and piles of dead piglets covered in their mothers' feces.

The “Deathstar” reference compares the villainous megaweapon from the Star Wars film series to the largest factory pig farm in the country, Smithfield Foods’ Circle Four Farms in Milford, Utah.

The investigators rescued two sick piglets: Lily, who had a severe leg injury, and Lizzie, who was malnourished and nursing on a shredded, dysfunctional nipple. They took Lily and Lizzie to a sanctuary to receive care. Then, they published the whole investigation and rescue online and in the New York Times to show the world the nightmarish cruelty happening inside Smithfield’s farms.

The story went viral when the FBI started hunting for the rescued piglets, raiding sanctuaries and even cutting off part of a pig’s ear to do DNA testing. Trial dates are finally set for investigators Wayne Hsiung and Paul Darwin Picklesimer in Beaver, Utah: Sept. 9-16, 2022. DxE is organizing a convergence in Utah during the trial to show support for animal rescue and take action together to expose Smithfield’s Deathstar to the world. Join us in Utah.