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With your support, DxE has shared the story of dozens of animals saved from abuse including Lily, a baby piglet rescued from a horrific mega-farm that supplied Costco.

Lily was dying on a Smithfield farm when we found her, unable to walk, on the floor of a farrowing crate. Smithfield had promised the world that they had done away with gestation crates, where mother pigs are trapped in cages as small as their bodies. But this was a lie. When we rescued Lily, the world was exposed to the reality of ‘humane’ animal farming. Millions were shocked by the horrifying conditions. But they were also moved to action by her remarkable recovery. Barely able to walk when we found her, Lily got stronger every day. By her second week, she was running around like a puppy and nibbling on my nose. Now we need your help to continue this life-saving work. DxE is the only animal rights group in the world that uses open rescue to expose industry lies. In the past year, these powerful investigations have reached millions through outlets like The New York Times and Washington Post. Pulitzer Prize winner Glenn Greenwald’s article about DxE was perhaps the most shared animal rights media in 2017. Millions of Americans were exposed to the truth of animal agriculture. But now we need your help to sustain and grow our network. The industry recognizes we are a threat, and they are using every trick in the book to stop our movement from exposing the horrific truth about animal agriculture. Your gift can not only protect animals and activists, but will help us expand our rescue network by training new leaders to take our methods to the world. 

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