Like all the other pigs, Miley had been pumped full of antibiotics because Hormel -- which pioneered the use of such drugs on farms -- knew that she would not survive the diseased conditions without them. But the drugs did not help. Instead, they created antibiotic resistance in the bacteria growing in her body. Miley was falling victim to a “superbug.” 


Drugged Up

Over 80% of the antibiotics in the US are fed to animals to promote growth and prevent disease. Farmer John regularly used half a dozen antibiotics crucial to human health.

No Regulation

Despite recognizing the threat, the government has failed to regulate the use of antibiotics. Documents from Farmer John show workers ignoring veterinarians' instructions.

Superbugs Brewing

Widespread sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics threatens to create superbugs that could kill millions of pigs… and human beings, particularly children and the elderly.