Friends of DxE awards a select number of exceptional activists with fellowships. Below is a list of current fellows as of October 2018.


Almira Tanner

The DxE operational guru, Almira leads the planning for DxE’s annual conference, and heads up the Direct Action committee. 


Ana Mehl

Ana spearheads the Recruit group of our Community Committee, going out into the public and inviting people to join the movement.


Cassie King

A recent graduate from UC Berkeley’s English Department, Cassie leads our Communications Committee, guiding our social media, press and email strategies.


Eva Hamer

Eva coordinates legal support to protect activists who risk their freedom for animals and integrates music into our community.


Jackie Lawrence

In addition to documenting our actions through powerful videography, Jackie organizes community events to welcome and support activists as part of the Community Committee.


Jake Hobbs

Jake is DxE’s tech coordinator and manages all of the tech needs of DxE’s committees, including maintaining the dashboards and activist database, which help us measure progress toward key objectives. 

Kitty Jones

Famous kid activist, Kitty has now become a force in building a positive and inclusive grassroots community, as lead of our Community committee.


Lewis Bernier

Lewis is leading DxE’s Trainings team, cultivating leaders and preparing activists worldwide for high-risk actions like mass rescues. 


Matt Johnson

Matt is DxE’s press coordinator and is responsible for helping get animal rights into the mainstream media. 


Paul Darwin Picklesimer

In addition to leading many investigations and Open Rescues, Paul is relentless about supporting other activists, whether through design support or general mentorship. 

Priya Sawhney

A DxE orginal, Priya leads the Finance Committee in building a sustainable donor base to continue our life-saving work in the face of mounting legal repression. 


Rachel Ziegler

Rachel leads efforts to empower and develop activists to reach their full potential on DxE’s Community Committee and helps lead actions as part of the Direct Action Committee.


Suzannah Smith

A student at UC Berkeley, Suzannah is empowering students to find their voice in the animal rights community and tapping into the potential of a school known for its activism.


Tania Campos

Tania is responsible for doing promotional work and bringing hundreds of people into our community.