Help Us Build a Movement

The most important thing that you can do for the animals is speak up. Speak up against violence, speak up against speciesism, speak up against injustice, speak up against the atrocities our human society commits on those vulnerable to us. If you believe in Direct Action Everywhere's mission and want to help us build a movement for the animals, here are some things you can do.

Take action yourself! (And should you want to, you are free to print any of our materials for your use -- see the materials page.)

Join or start a DxE chapter doing regular actions and community events in your area.

Recruit new people to a DxE action or community event.

Personally invite people you've interacted with at DxE events to more events.

Discuss DxE's campaigns, mission and approach with the people in your personal and online communities.

Attend non-DxE events (whether an environmentalist protest, a feminist lunch MeetUp, an anarchist book fair, or a science fiction convention -- anything!) and talk to people about DxE, and why animal liberation matters to what they already care about.

Persuade a non-DxE group to promote one of our events or actions on Facebook.

Persuade a non-DxE group to promote our events or actions to their community in person.

Share our blog entries, Facebook posts, and events with your friends!