Animals are being exploited and killed by the trillions. The It's Not Food It's Violence campaign is a response to that.

It's international. It's grassroots. It's made of people like you.


The Problem

For millennia, nonhuman animals have been exploited in a number of increasingly systematic ways. They are used as clothing, as science experiments, as entertainment, and foremost: as food. Trillions of animals are raised and slaughtered in horrendous conditions every year: animals with the capacity to feel and the desire to live; animals no different from the dogs and cats we love at home; animals that deserve freedom, love, and liberation.

Worst, corporations like Whole Foods have manipulated our concern for animals, creating a massive industry fueled by ideas like compassionate captivity and humane slaughter. DxE’s investigations of certified “humane” farms unveil the truth:

Regulatory Failure

Animal welfare laws are weak, ill-enforced, and often have gaping exceptions. Moreover, the laws' ultimate aim is to serve oppressive human interests, not the interests of animals.

Inherent Violence

As long as animals are considered property, objects, commodities, there will be exploitation and there will be violence.  The is no humane way to kill any animal who wants to live.

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They deserve better

The idea that we can exploit others because they are of another species must end. Like Sarah, Angie, and the dogs/cats in our homes, all animals want to be safe, happy, and free.


the campaign


Proven Tactics: Nonviolent Direct Action

We use the best research and lessons from the history of social justice to inform our activism. We take a strong nonviolent direct action to disrupt business as usual, bring animal rights to the public at large, and inspire ordinary people to speak up for animals.


Our Strongest Weapon: Honesty

Many in the animal rights movement say we are too weak to be honest. But honesty is our strongest weapon.  Instead of focusing on single-issue forms of “animal cruelty”, or asking for more “humane” methods of slaughter, we speak strongly and honestly to end the entire system of animal exploitation. Rather than ignoring it, we bring the issue of violent discrimination against nonhuman beings - speciesism - onto the table through public protest.


It's Worldwide

In just one year, DxE has sparked a wildfire of activism around the world, including participation from over 140 cities in 28 different countries. It is only through a strong and diverse movement that we will achieve global animal liberation.


It's Getting Attention

We’re bringing serious animal rights issues - speciesism, the fraud of humane slaughter, and the emotional lives of animals - to the public. We’ve gotten top five newspapers to publish articles on speciesism for the first time in history, we have had CNN discuss “It’s Not Food, It’s Violence” on national TV,  and we have even made Glenn Beck seriously engage with the idea of humane slaughter on national radio. See our full press history, including Mother Jones, Salon, and the New York Times, here.



it needs you

Movements begin when individuals, one by one, stand up for what is right.

And they are won when these individuals stand strong together.  So stand with us.


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To be safe, happy and free - this is #WhatAnimalsDeserve. But to get there, we need to fight for it.

Find your voice, find some friends, and fight like hell #UntilEveryAnimalIsFree.

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