It's Not Food, It's Violence

You may have seen or heard about the "It’s Not Food, It’s Violence" campaign. But what is it really about? Here are a few key points summarizing the campaign. For more detailed information of the Whole Foods campaign, check out "Why Target Whole Foods?"


The Target: A Violent Company with a Fraudulent Message

Whole Foods has made billions marketing itself as a progressive company. But those billions were built on the tortured screams of animals who wanted to live. Undercover investigations have shown their humane image to be a bald faced lie, and while they were challenged and lost to consumer fraud lawsuits, Whole Foods's advertising continues to influence the public's view of animals like no other. Someone has to stop them.




Proven Tactics: Nonviolent Direct Action

We use the best research and lessons from the history of social justice to inform our activism. We take a strong stand of nonviolent direct action to disrupt business as usual, bring animal rights to the public at large, and inspire ordinary people to speak up for animals.





Our Strongest Weapon: Honesty

Many in the animal rights movement say we are too weak to be honest. But honesty is our strongest weapon.  Instead of focusing on single-issue forms of “animal cruelty”, or asking for more “humane” methods of slaughter, we speak strongly and honestly to end the entire system of animal exploitation. Rather than ignoring it, we bring the issue of violent discrimination against nonhuman beings - speciesism - onto the table with public protest.



It's Worldwide

In just one year, DxE has sparked a wildfire of activism around the world, including participation from over 71 cities in 17 different countries. It is only through a strong and diverse movement will we achieve animal liberation across the globe.






It's Getting Attention

We’re bringing serious animal rights issues - speciesism, the fraud of humane slaughter, and the emotional lives of animals - to the public. We’ve gotten top five newspapers to publish articles on speciesism for the first time in history, we had CNN discuss “It’s Not Food, It’s Violence” on national TV,  and we even made Glenn Beck seriously engage with the idea of humane slaughter on national radio. See our full press history, including Mother Jones, Salon, and the New York Times, here.








Movements begin when individuals, one by one, stand up for what is right. And they are won when these individuals stand strong together. So get in contact with a local organizer or contact us to start a chapter in your area.