Essential Articles

Letter From a Birmingham Jail (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Critical Theory and Animal Liberation, Introduction (John Sanbonmatsu)

Animal Rights, Multiculturalism, and the Left (Will Kymlicka & Sue Donaldson)

The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle The Master's Rape Rack: Feminism and Animal Rights (Carolyn Zaikowski)

Sexist Words, Speciesist Roots (Joan Dunayer)

Of Mice and Men (Catherine MacKinnon)

Recommended Books

Fear of the Animal Planet: The Hidden History of Animal Resistance (Jason Hribal)

Every 12 Seconds (Tim Pachirat)

Knowing Your Rights as an Activist

Know Your Rights Infographic

If An Agent Knocks (Center for Constitutional Rights)

Recorded DxE Presentations

Why DxE

Sexism & Speciesism: Why the Intersection of Feminism & Liberationism Matters [No video - PDF of presentation here.]

The Color of a Movement: Racism and the Animal Rights Movement

The Power of Community: Introducing the Member Contribution Network

Individuals vs Systems: Emergence and Social Change

Why Protesting Chipotle Might Be the Most Important Thing in the Animal Rights Movement

Visual Storytelling

Cinema & Liberationism: The Presence and Significance of the Ideologies of Liberationism, Anti-Speciesism, and Compassion for Nonhuman Animals in Contemporary Film Culture [PDF of presentation here.]

Effective Meme Spreading

Measuring Progress in Activism

Building Solidarity with Lab Rats (by Guest Speaker Darren Chang, Vancouver DxE Organizer)

What If Everything We Think We Know about Social Change is... Wrong?

Essential Blog Posts (Entire Blog Archive here)

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