Three-week-old Miley, a baby pig at Hormel's Farmer John - one of the world's largest farms and a Costco supplier - was stricken by a terrible disease. The bug spread into her blood despite the barrage of antibiotics fed to all the pigs. Soon, Miley lost the ability to stand. She was being trampled and eaten alive by other pigs when DxE’s Open Rescue Network, including actor Alexandra Paul, arrived on the scene. 


Pigs are confined so tightly that they often cannot turn their heads. They live in a constant state of stress, compromising their immune system.


Pigs don’t want to sit in their own waste. But on these farms, filth covers everything, as the animals are forced to use the bathroom on top of each other. 


Despite inundating the pigs with antibiotics, Farmer John had twice the allowable rate of infection. Countless sick pigs die before they get to slaughter.