DxE is a platform, not an organization. Anyone who takes action in accordance with these principles - notably, species equality - is part of DxE.

Animal Liberation. We are animals, and we believe that every animal (human or non-human) has an equal right to be safe, happy, and free. And we will create that world in one generation.

Community. We create spaces where activists can feel supported, understood, and empowered.

Nonviolent Direct Action. We directly challenge the systems that leave animals in cages and chains.


Truth. There are times in history when uncomfortable truths must be said; we will say them.

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Systems. We seek to change, not just individual behavior, but the rules of the game.

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The Animals' Perspective. We push ourselves to amplify the victims' voices, and to act as the animals would, if they could.


Empowerment. We make each other stronger. We build each other up. And we teach one another to be the best and most effective activists we can be.


Emergent Leadership. Give, don’t take, power.

Integrity. Choose the ethical route over the easier one.


Responsibility. Take ownership over your commitments to your fellow activists.



Empathy. Be nonviolent in act, word, and tone.


Inclusiveness. Be welcoming and kind. Seek diversity. Call people in, rather than out.