Steering Committee

The DxE Global Steering Committee offers strategic guidance for the entire DxE network, and encourages the development of new chapters around the world.

DxE uses the affiliate model of organizing based on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Instead of having individual members, we seek out organized chapters and communities. Chapters that meet certain requirements will be recognized as Core Chapters of DxE (see below for more information) and eligible for membership in the Steering Committee in the form of one or more delegates - depending on size and degree of contribution. For more information about chapter requirements to be in the Global Steering Committee, see here.

Core chapters

DxE Core Chapters are chapters that have demonstrated a significant dedication to building their local activist communities, and have shown long term commitment to DxE Values. For more specific details on the standards involved, see here.


DxE Global Team Members (GTM) are activists who have shown a high level of engagement and commitment to the network. This process is under development at the moment! 

affinity groups

DxE encourages affinity groups to empower animal rights activists within their communities, and to address other forms of oppression being perpetuated within the animal rights movement.