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July 1, Kings County, CA – Today, the animal rights network Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) released an investigation into a “natural” Hormel pork farm following on the heels of a lawsuit announced yesterday by the Animal Legal Defense Fund in Bloomberg. The investigation revealed the first-ever finding of antibiotic resistant Staph infection at a specific major American pork farm as well as mass use of the antibiotic carbadox, in the process of being banned by the Food and Drug Administration as a carcinogen at all levels (see lab results here). The investigators donned biosecurity suits to enter the Farmer John finishing facility for Hormel - supplier to Costco, Safeway, and the LA Dodgers - and found thousands of languishing animals, including piglets too weak to stand and animals with grotesque, tennis ball-sized abscesses. Former Baywatch actress Alexandra Paul and actor Chris De Rose took part in the investigation.


“When I stepped foot into Farmer John, I realized this was not a farm - this was the world’s worst infirmary, where thousands of animals suffer horrific and neglected diseases that risk spreading to humans,” said lead investigator Wayne Hsiung.

DxE documented gruesome scenes such as lame animals being trampled to death and piles of dead piglets. In one instance, DxE investigators saw a still-living piglet so sick she was unable to escape being eaten alive. The investigators felt morally compelled to remove the piglet and rush her to receive veterinary care, where she was diagnosed with pneumonia and septic arthritis. Today the baby pig (who the rescuers named “Miley” after the famous pop singer and animal advocate) lives safely at an animal sanctuary, but had she remained she might have been slaughtered and fed to members of the public, including children.


Last week, DxE released an investigation into the notorious dog meat trade in Yulin, China covered on ABC’s Nightline. There the activists saw dogs beaten to death, urinated on by workers, and suffering from severe skin infections, triggering a public outcry and demands prominently featured on the progressive website that President Obama push China to end the trade. DxE activists assert that the conditions on Farmer John closely resemble those in Yulin, China and are likely worse.

“What I saw in China shocked the conscience, but what we are doing to pigs and countless other animals in the United States does not just rival that - it outdoes it,” said DxE investigator Julianne Perry.

Protests are planned at Costco stores and 4th of July events around the country.

Access DxE’s full press kit, including videos and high resolution photos, here.


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