Street Theatre and Disruptions

At DxE, we have organised hundreds of street theatre style protests and disruptions and can provide other groups support in organising actions using creative tactics and approaches.

Why it works - Creative nonviolent direct action works. See how here.

Community Building

From organising structured and regular animal rights meetups to building a community support network, DxE can offer insight and provide tools to other groups seeking to expand community or to collaborate on community building efforts.

Why it works - Community building is an important tool for social justice activists. See why here.

Investigatory Work

In 2014, DxE released the first ever investigation of a “certified humane” facility as a part of our Open Rescue Network. Groups looking to collaborate on investigatory work can be a part of a bigger conversation about this important, life-saving work.

Why it works - Open Rescue is a powerful form of nonviolent direct action. See why here.