Sample Text

Many people ask us what they should say to their friends to encourage them to come out to an activism event. A few suggestions: 

  • A short note followed up by in-person conversation is best. People have short attention spans. Focus on key points, then follow up with in-person interaction. 
  • Focus on impact and social momentum. The biggest media outlets in the world are paying close attention to our work. But to shape that message, and reinforce that the AR movement is growing, we need more activists and public support. 
  • Follow up. People don't like to get outsize of their comfort zone, and they need your help to do that. Follow up with interested friends. Offer to give them a ride, or otherwise go to the demonstration. 

Below is sample text to help us promote our monthly days of action. 

Hey [NAME},

An animal rights network I am a part of – Direct Action Everywhere – has been garnering incredible press (including The New York Times and CNN), mobilizing activists in around 100 cities across the world, and directly saving animals from places of violence. We need more help to keep this momentum going, though. Do you think you could join our next monthly day of action?