bylaws - SF bay Area




The name of the network is Direct Action Everywhere (DxE). The name of the chapter is DxE SF Bay Area. 


The purpose of the network is to serve as a grassroots network and coordination structure for global animal rights activism. We operate pursuant to DxE’s principles and values. The SF Bay Area chapter organizes activities within San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and the surrounding areas.


DxE SF Bay Area shall have two classes of members: Members and Global Team Members. The standards for each class are identical to the standards set out by the DxE Global Steering Committee for global membership, except that all SF Bay Area members shall regularly attend SF Bay Area events and work in coordination and with approval of the SF Bay Core. Both classes of member have the right to attend annual chapter meetings. Global Team Members additionally have the right to vote on the local code of conduct and on a strategic plan for the local DxE community proposed by the SF Bay Core at an annual meeting immediately after the DxE Forum, or at other time designated by the SF Bay Core with at least 30 days notice.


DxE SF Bay Area plays a key role in working groups for DxE Global, and in the international organizing of the DxE network. 

Section 1 - Working Group Members

Working groups can be organized autonomously (“unrecognized”), by the SF Bay Core, or by DxE Global. Working groups that seek to work with the SF Bay Core or DxE Global (“recognized”) must meet the Working Group standards, which include subscribing to DxE’s principles and values, including its conflict resolution process; collaborating with DxE Global, the SF Bay Core and other working groups; and supporting DxE’s mission. The SF Bay chapter will work with autonomous working groups on the basis of free association. 
Regular Working Group Members must sign and fulfill the Working Group Agreement and receive consensus approval from the Working Group and the SF Bay Core. 
Global Team members must meet additional requirements set out by DxE Global Steering Committee

Section 2 - Chapter Meeting

The SF Bay Core will meet with all Regular Working Group and Global Team Members on a monthly basis to update them on progress, obtain feedback, and answer questions about the most recent month’s projects.

Section 3 - Removal of Working Groups

Working Groups will be dissolved or become unrecognized if the group fails to meet the Working Group standards or violates DxE’s principles and values, as determined by DxE Global, DxE SF Bay Core, or the Conflict Resolution Committee. Appeals of all removal decisions may be made to the SF Bay Core

Section 4 - Removal of Working Group Members

Any working group member may be removed if the Conflict Resolution Committee and/or its agents finds a violation of DxE’s organizing principles or the SF Bay chapter’s code of conduct and this is affirmed by at least two thirds-approval of the DxE Global Steering Committee or the DxE SF Bay Core. Working group members will lose associated benefits if they fail to meet the relevant standards. 

Section 5 - List of Working Groups

DxE Global and the SF Bay Core shall keep a list of working groups and Members.


Section 1 - Nomination

Any Global Team Member has the power to nominate a person for consideration for the SF Bay Core by sending an email to

Section 2 - Responsibilities

The SF Bay Core is responsible for executing the strategic plan for the chapter, including non-material modifications, and organizing coordination between members and working groups pursuant to that plan.

Section 3 - Membership

The SF Bay Core shall select approximately 10 members on a rolling basis, with special emphasis on activists whose contributions are not publicly visible or who are from an underrepresented demographic or community. Decisions on new members shall be made by consensus. If consensus cannot be reached, a new Core member shall be added with support of three-fourths of the current Core. 

Section 4 - Core Requirements

  • Global Team Member for at least 6 months
  • Written commitment to DxE Values
  • Commitment of 10 hours per week (including meetings) 

Section 5 - Core Removal

Any Core member may be removed from the the Core by a majority of the Core. 


A meeting of all members of the SF Bay Chapter shall occur within 30 days of the end of the DxE Forum (or, if necessary, on a later date) at which the SF Bay Core shall propose a strategic plan for the following year. The meeting will be announced at least four weeks in advance, and all members of the chapter shall receive a copy of the strategic plan and an opportunity for public comment (on a wiki or another suitable venue) at least 3 days prior to the meeting. A facilitator for the meeting shall present the essential components of the strategic plan and make modifications that have at least majority support among Global Team Members. The strategic plan shall be adopted at the end of meeting by two thirds vote of the Global Team Members. If a two thirds threshold is not secured, the SF Bay Core shall make necessary modifications and announce a new meeting (with at least two weeks’ notice) within 30 days. 


These bylaws may be adopted by two thirds of the Global Team Members at the initial annual meeting. Material modifications to these bylaws or to the annual strategic plan, outside of the annual meeting, must receive approval of two thirds of the Global Team Members at the chapter’s monthly meeting. Such action requires two (2) week’s written notice, setting forth the proposed revisions with explanations and submitted to all DxE Global Team Members in the chapter by email. Non-material amendments pursuant to Article 6 shall not require this process and will be presumptively approved after reasonable notice is given to all Global Team Members unless at least 3 Global Team Members object. 


A Secretary designated by the SF Bay Core shall keep minutes and records. All such minutes and reports, after appropriate redaction, shall be open to Global Team Members upon request. The SF Bay Core may require individuals seeking such access to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

The SF Bay Core actively seeks participation by committed activists in our meetings and regularly invites visitors to attend after consensus approval by the members of the Core, agreement to DxE’s organizing principles and values, and a commitment to spend 5 hours a week engaging with SF Bay activism and organizing. Any community member interested in visiting Core meetings should email with the request. 

Separately, a representative of the SF Bay Core will answer questions to all Global Team Members at DxE Discussions that will occur on a regular basis. 


These Bylaws must be reaffirmed by two-thirds support of both the SF Bay Core and Global Team Members in the SF Bay chapter one year after their execution, or they will expire and have no more enduring effects.