• 125 2nd Street, #414
  • Oakland, CA, 94607
  • United States

Every Saturday at 11:00 AM, local animal rights supporters gather to enjoy great food and company, discuss recent events, and empower and train one another to be the best activists we can be. These meetups are open to all, whether you just learned about factory farming or are a veteran activist. If you want to be around a fun and welcoming group of animal-lovers, this is the place for you!

This week, come join us to hear stories from the community! Then we will head out to the protest!

WHAT HAPPENS AT MEETUPS? We start off with coffee, tea, and pastries. Otherwise, each week is different! Sometimes, a few community members share knowledge or experiences in 3-5 minutes each. Other times, we do some other activity, such as a protest, talk, panel, training, or potluck.

WHY DO WE FOCUS ON COMMUNITY? Great social justice movements begin with a community, from the Quaker church and the antislavery sentiment to the LGBT community centers in the past few decades. We too need a community for training, support, and encouragement.

WHAT IF I WANT TO SPEAK? We strongly encourage all regular attendees to speak at a meetup! Contact Rebeca, Kearney, Chris, and Sapphire at sfbay-meetups@directactioneverywhere.com to find out more. The guidelines for speaking are very flexible!

HOW DO I GET MORE INVOLVED? There are many areas we need help with! The first way to get involved is to attend our weekly meetups, and to find a working group that suits your skills. Beyond that, reach out if you have another skill that you’d like to deploy for animals. We’ll find a way for you to put your skills to use!

LOCATION: We are located in safe and convenient neighborhood. The address is 125 2nd St., #414 Oakland (enter code 6478 at the keypad to be buzzed in). We are just a few blocks from Lake Merritt BART (the walk is very safe, and we can schedule pickups with enough advance notice). By car, we are right off the 880 on Oak and 2nd Street.