What is Direct action everywhere?

In January 2013, six activists brought a message of direct action and animal liberation into a Sprouts Farmers Market. In just a few years, those six activists grew into a huge international network, spanning over a hundred and thirty cities in over twenty-five countries.

DxE's mission is to empower activists to take strong and confident action wherever animals are being denigrated, enslaved, or killed, and create a world where animal liberation is a reality.  We use creative nonviolent protest to tell the animals’ story. We are not afraid to push boundaries and even polarize the debate. We integrate the latest technology and most innovative research to most effectively advocate for the liberation of our animal friends. And we use the power of an open and welcoming community to make all of us more inspired and confident activists. According to writer James McWilliams, we're doing today's "most compelling animal activist work"!


For thousands of years, humanity has created a living hell for our fellow Earthlings. A terrified dog, forced to watch as his friends are hurt and used in medical experiments. A baby cow stolen from his mother, so humans can drink her milk instead. A desperate hen running for her life from foam meant to suffocate her sisters. In the United States alone, billions of animals are killed by humans every year - for their flesh, their skin, or in the case of habitat destruction, their homes. Yet every single one of them wanted to live.

We believe in a simple idea: animal liberation.  Every sentient being – black or white, gay or straight, dog or cat, human or rat – deserves the same safety, happiness, and freedom that we ask for ourselves. We are against animal exploitation in all of its forms.


Many in the movement think that animal liberation is hundreds if not thousands of years off. But at DxE, we are confident that we can end horrendous violence against animals in one generation. It won't be easy - social movements research indicates we'll need to mobilize 1-2% of the world's population to do so. But every current indication is on our side. 

Since the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215, we have seen an extraordinary revolution in the rights of human beings, and the past two decades of social movements portend continued and massive social change in the years to come. Even more, the writing's on the wall for animal rights. Since the publication of Animal Liberation in 1975, our conceptions of animals have changed radically,with nonhuman animals being recognized as legal persons for the first time in 2015. Even the New York Times has written that the era of animal welfare is over - and an era of animal dignity is upon us.

Around the world an international movement is speaking up for the right of every animal to be safe, happy, and free - but it needs your help. Join us. The greatest liberation movement in history starts with you.