Published on
March 11, 2019

French Rapper Takes Part in a DxE Open Rescue

Last month, DxE France published a new Open Rescue video in which special guest Stomy Bugsy took part. The French rapper joined DxE organizers inside a battery egg farm to investigate and openly rescue distressed hens. Seeing thousands of hens crammed in small cages, stacked in rows one on top of another, with small dark alleys in-between for people to walk in, Bugsy told the camera:

“Open your eyes. This is a hell I wasn’t expecting this. I was expecting something pretty bad, but this is hell.” He described the birds, “They live in their own excrement, they’re deceased.”

The video was published on DxE France’s Facebook page and has been viewed over 5 million times. The story was covered by multiple social media platforms and news outlets.

DxE members worldwide are getting national and sometimes international media attention, and the movement is gaining momentum. To learn more about DxE France, please visit their website

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