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Earthlings Tel Aviv - Keynote Speech (Dr. Asaf Harduf)

Asaf Harduf is one of the most energetic and inspiring activists that I have had the pleasure to work with. Not only because of his insight (the Earthlings March was his conception), his effort (he worked tirelessly to make it a success), and his good cheer (he's a hilarious guy, who makes things fun for everyone around him). But because he's a damn good speaker.

Check out his talk at the Earthlings March in Tel Aviv.  


Earthlings March - International Video (and T-Shirts)

Earthlings March - International Video (and T-Shirts)

The amazing Tomer Grinberg has compiled much of the international footage from the Earthlings March, into an inspiring video!  Footage from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Munich, Phoenix, Tel Aviv, San Diego, and other cities.

Also, due to overwhelming demand, we're making another bulk order of the Earthlings t-shirts and design that went viral on August 24, 2013, in countries all over the world. Grab one now before they run out again, as we're only ordering 100.