More than anything, the animals need your voice.

Yes, we could use funding. Materials, cameras, and technology aren't cheap. Our groundbreaking investigations of "certified humane"  farms cost a tiny fraction of what is spent in comparable investigations by large non-profits, but expenses still often run into the thousands of dollars. And a small number of DxE Fellows and Investigators have given up their careers to work for animals; we hope to support them with activist fellowships. 

While our investigations are thousands of times cheaper than those executed by large non-profits, they still run up bills in the thousands. 

However, at the end of the day, YOU and YOUR VOICE are more valuable than your money. The great movements in history have been animated by inspired people -- not just by money. Direct action is everywhere, and it starts with you. So please join us at our next day of action.  

But if you want to help us out financially, we would really appreciate that, too. 

You can donate using the button above or by sending a check, payable to FRIENDS OF DXE, to the following address: 

Friends of DxE
PMB 328
2425 Channing Way, Ste. B
Berkeley, CA 94704

Please notify us at if a check is in the mail, so we can look out for it! 

Friends of DxE, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation that provides grants for DxE's campaigns. The board and leadership of Friends of DxE is independent of each of the grassroots chapters that comprise DxE's worldwide network.