Ali Morikawa

My first DxE action was at the ALC in 2019 at the Reichardt slaughterhouse lockdown and duck rescue. I’ve been a DxE SF Bay organizer since 2020, starting off on the Outreach team and then joined Compassionate Bay about a year or so later. More recently I joined the Community and Press teams. Now my primary role in DxE is as a press coordinator. I also attend climate actions and am passionate about developing more emergency response and direct action skills. Outside of activism and organizing, I am a graduate student at the University of Victoria, working on a thesis titled “Farmers’ Perspectives on Transitioning Away from Animal Agriculture.”

Alyssa Reed

My name is Alyssa Reed, I am 27 and have been an animal rights activist for over 3 years now, I am currently a member of the Phoenix Arizona chapter and have been involved in the Bay Area and Sacramento chapter a lot throughout the years as well. I am so grateful to have found an organization like DxE that provides me with a strong community and environment to learn, grow and be a part of real positive change and I can’t wait to see how much I grow at this years ALC and through the years to come.

Carla Cabral

Even though I had a lifelong passion for helping animals, it was only in 2017, after coming to California for a DxE convergence that I knew I had found my true calling to be an animal rights activist. I am so grateful to every person who is part of the movement. It is a process of heartbreak, hard work, and inspiration for me, and I will not stop until we have achieved complete animal liberation!

Cassie King

is the Communications Lead for Direct Action Everywhere. She coordinates DxE's press, websites, and email lists, and assists the social media team. She is also a member of DxE's elected core team and a defendant in the Sonoma "Right to Rescue" case expected to go to trial later this year. At home, she's mom to two fun, loving bunnies, Jonah and Mabel, who escaped slaughter through open rescue.

Dave Engel

has been a local animal rights and environmental activist in San Diego for years. Dave is a core organizer for  San Diego Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), an eboard member of the San Diego Democrats For Environmental Action, a member of the San Diego Climate Mobilization. Dave is also a full time Civil & Environmental Engineer with the city of San Diego.

Druthy Setty

Hi, I’m Druthy! After learning about the horrific truth about the dairy industry, I made the decision to go vegan five years ago. My pup Scruffy was a huge influence. For the past three years, I have been actively involved in animal activism in Phoenix, working towards animal liberation.I have had the incredible opportunity to meet inspiring human and non-human animals over the last few years and will continue to fight the fight until every animal is free.

Jenny McQueen

Jenny McQueen is a long-time animal rights activist, originally from England, now residing in Toronto, Canada. McQueen has been arrested many times for her activism, has helped rescue animals, had a police raid on her home, and is facing #PigTrial4 with others for occupying a pig breeding facility with Jenny is also co-founder of Animal Rights Toronto, a coordinator with DxE - Direct Action Everywhere Toronto, and a volunteer with The Animal Save Movement, PETA and others. Jenny has been featured in many media articles, for her activism and disruptions - on a fur catwalk, at a Blue Jays game, for open rescue via #PigTrial2 and other actions.

Johnny Mora

Hello my name is Johnny… I went Vegan 6 years ago…I watched ‘What the Health’ and threw out all meat and dairy at the end of it… didn’t take long for slaughter footage to cross my path… nothing would ever be the same… I’ve been an ardent advocator for them since… Animal Liberation Now!

Joyce Lipener

Joyce has 10+ years of proven leadership experience across a variety of industries (Healthcare, Manufacturing, Risk/Controllership, Internal Audit and Finance/Accounting), excellent relationship, communication skills and proficiency handling challenges in different geographical environments, leading multinational teams and influencing Senior leadership/top management in big corporations like General Electric and Ernst & Young. She is passionate about strategy, innovation, problem solving, animal rights and making a positive change to the world through living, advocating and taking direct non-violent action to promote a plant-based lifestyle that removes animal from the social and political system.

Kim Krok

Well I’ve been vegan 8 years but actually went vegetarian first in 2014 after looking into where the meat I was buying came from. Single mom of 3 boys who I adore and are my world! Most of my time is spent working as a 6th grade teacher and nurturing my home. I also love to cook and share food photos and vegan recipes. My favorite form of activism to do is public outreach however I would really like to start doing more open rescue in the near future.

Lewis Bernier

Lewis is a direct action coordinator and investigator with DxE. They have investigated dozens of animal exploitation facilities across the so-called "United States" and helped organize mass open rescues.

Maggie Bella

Maggie is a Chilean activist that came to the U.S. 8 years ago. Now she lives in SD and organizes actions and events for DxE San Diego. She has been involved in animal rights activism for over 4 years and environmental activism many years prior. She is a loving and proud mom of three cats and two bunnies (currently). She believes a better world is possible if everyone helps each other build a strong, trusting and loving community around the animal rights movement.

Marcus Paulo Mourão

Hello my name is Marcus Paulo Mourão, I am the organizer of DxE Rio de Janeiro this year we completed 7 years of intense activism for animal liberation. I organize many actions a week in places where animal exploitation exists, I go to slaughterhouses to rescue cows, in aviaries where we rescue chickens, we already rescue horses, pigs. Since I met Direct Action EveryWhere I have dedicated my life 1000% to activism. Gratitude to all of this beautiful DxE family.

Rasa Petrauskaite

Rasa has been volunteering with DxE since 2015 and since then became an organizer with DxE and Compassionate Bay. She is currently working on promoting DxE campaigns in Sonoma County.

Sasha Monik

I’ve been an organizer with DXE for 6 years, first inspired by a Trader Joe’s disruption video when I was living in Los Angeles, CA. I was a silent vegan for several years before that, but the moment I saw the video I thought “this is exactly what we should be doing.” I moved back to my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri and was determined to educate, inspire, and grow the animal rights community. In addition to organizing for the DXE-St. Louis chapter, I joined a local animal rights nonprofit and led the efforts to host St. Louis’ first ever VegFest. What we thought would be a 1,000-person festival ended up drawing in 7,000 attendees the first year and almost doubling the second year. While this benefitted the community, it didn’t create activists. I decided to shift away from food events and put all of my energy into DXE. Since I started focusing on direct action, our chapter has made more press, actions have remained consistent, and we recently had our first victory via a pressure campaign against the Moolah Shrine circus to end their animal acts. Although they only dropped the elephants, we still consider this a huge victory as it ended an 80-year long tradition. Members come and go, but we still remain strong and highly active. My organizing journey has had its ups and downs, but one thing I’ve learned is that it doesn’t take many people to create change. It starts with one group, or one person, and the ripple effect from their actions can touch the world. I look forward to more victories, more growth within the Midwest AR community, and the day where all animals are safe, happy, and free.

Shweta Borgaonkar

Shweta Borgaonkar is an organizer for Direct Action Everywhere and has organised several protests, marches and disruptions in Pune, India and trained several activists on how to lead the movement. She’s also a law student and manages DxE’s social media and DxE's international network of chapters.

Sky Travis

Hi! My name is Sky, and I'm helping a cow named Norma learn to communicate! I set up boards of sound buttons, each of which says an English word, and teach Norma to associate each word with an action, object, or feeling. Right now, she has 24 buttons; her favorite is "food"! Apart from that, I like to advocate for the little creatures we tend to ignore, like bees, ants, or shrimp. Do you know that bees communicate with one another by dancing? I hope that through my work, people will come to see farmed animals, insects, and all sentient beings as part of their moral circle.

Tonia Moore

Tonia lives in San Mateo, California, with her dog, Wallace, and has been active in DxE since 2018, when she was one of 58 people arrested for trying to help chickens on a factory farm in Petaluma. Since then, she has worked in a variety of ways to expose the truth about what happens to animals on farms as well as in laboratories, zoos, rodeos, racetracks, and other places of exploitation. In 2020, she had a commentary, “Why I’m a Loud, Obnoxious Vegan,” broadcast on the San Francisco NPR affiliate station. Last year, she was part of a successful effort to stop Foster City from rounding up and gassing geese who live there. She is a member of the Better Science Campaign, a group whose mission is to end research on animals, and is active in Scrap the Trap, a campaign to pressure Home Depot to stop selling glue traps. She currently supports the DxE press team by drafting advisories for upcoming actions and by publishing press hits to the news section of the DxE website. Last January, she was one of four activists in a PETA disruption of a University of Massachusetts alumni gathering at a fancy hotel to call attention to a UMass researcher's deplorable studies using marmosets. She supports rescue work by fostering kittens and rats.

Zoe Rosenberg

is the founder of Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary, a sprawling farm animal rescue on the Central Coast of California that has saved over 1,000 lives. Additionally, she is an organizer and the social media coordinator for the grassroots animal rights network, Direct Action Everywhere. In recent years, Zoe has been awarded the Youth Activist of the Year Award from the National Animal Rights Conference and the Paul McCartney Veg Advocate Award. She has also delivered a popular TEDx talk about her ongoing activism. Zoe is currently a student at UC Berkeley where she is leading a campaign calling on the school's dining halls to stop buying from factory farms and to transition to a more sustainable and humane plant-based food system.

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