DxE Champaign-Urbana

DxE Champaign-Urbana is a chapter of direct action everywhere organized in the city of Champaign, Illinois. As it is a college town, much of the activism in Champaign centers on demanding the University of Illinois makes changes that end their violence against animals and advances animal rights broadly. Currently, we are calling on the University to (1) close a factory farm they run on campus, (2) end all animal experimentation on campus, (3) divest from animal ag, and (4) adopt the plant based university treaty. We are also organizing to get a city council resolution supporting the right to rescue and a factory farm moratorium. We hope to branch out and make this struggle statewide. We want to make Champaign and Urbana the first cities in the US (to our knowledge) to ban all wildlife culls. Lastly, as a largely agricultural region, we are fighting to expose the realities of the dairy, egg, and so-called meat industries.


DxE Chicago

Here is our mission in 3 simple steps: 1. Help people make the connection between companion animals and farm animals to promote a compassionate lifestyle; 2. Help those people transition into a that lifestyle; 3. Help those practicing peace on their plates spread the word to enlighten others to join our movement.


DxE Colorado

DxE Colorado does actions related to the current DxE campaigns. We have members spread across the state. Other actions we take pride in are the Cubes of Truth that we do in multiple cities across the state each month. We also have strength in helping other animal rights groups by amplifying their actions through participating with them. In conjunction with a few extremely passionate activists we helped a fur ban legislation get passed and have more campaigns coming for the 2024 voting. For fun we love to eat after our actions and have dedicated potlucks.


DxE Phoenix

We are Phoenix chapter of DXE seeking to protect the rights and welfare of animals and end their exploitation by humans. Along others, one of our main campaigns focuses on ending primates vivisection at Arizona State University (ASU). We have utilized a variety of tactics to raise awareness about the issue and advocate for change. We have organized peaceful protests at ASU, as well as non-violent home demonstrations to educate the community about the horrible conditions and suffering experienced by the primates in ASU labs. Additionally, we have engaged in educational and outreach actions, including chalking to inform the public about the facts of what happens in the primate labs at ASU and to encourage ASU to use the alternative research methods that are more reliable, relevant, and responsible. The fight is still ongoing, and we remain committed to building our community and taking other nonviolent actions to liberate animals.Through our work, we hope to raise awareness about the plight of animals and inspire others to us in advocating for a more humane and ethical approach to scientific research, and to promote a broader culture of compassion and respect for all animals. Until every animal is free!


DxE San Diego

DxE San Diego chapter started almost 5 years ago. Since then the activist community has grown in knowledge, acquiring a variety of skills, learning about strategies, campaigns and community building. Despite the presence of many obstacles, the activists have been able to take bold action against the animal agriculture industry through participation in civil disobedience, disruptions, protests, political campaigns, investigations, open rescues and more! DxE San Diego can’t be more proud and thankful of all their activists who support their actions for animal liberation!


DxE St. Louis

We are the Direct Action Everywhere chapter for Saint Louis, Missouri. Being an animal rights activist group in the Midwest poses its own challenges since we are surrounded by many factory farms and other powerful animal agriculture operations. Despite this challenge, Dxe St. Louis is made up of amazing and strong activists who continue to nonviolently fight for animal liberation. In fact, our chapter recently won a large victory after campaigning against the Moolah Shrine Circus for over a year and gaining thousands of petition signatures. Some of our other efforts include protesting for the right to rescue, dropping Smithfield, anti-fur actions and monthly community events like sign-making, potlucks, and open mic nights. Activists within our chapter have disrupted and protested cruel establishments for years and our chapter is only growing as locals continue to mobilize and take action for animals.


DxE São Paulo

Our focus is to make the population aware of the harm that fast food of animal origin causes, through our direct interventions, and at the same time also to pressure these places about ethical changes, in addition to initially bringing Rose's Law to the public, and in the future see how the political terrain is going to present something to the national congress, but this part we need time due to the change of power in the presidency, since we have just left a practically fascist political system, and today we have a slightly more popular system! As victories we managed to see a greater demand for information about animal rights when we are in action on the streets, we even found a vegan police officer who talked to us


How we will achieve Animal Liberation