Welcome to DxE Animal Care

Did you know you can help animals in little ways every day?

One important aspect to achieving total animal liberation is to make meaningful connections with the very animals we are attempting to save. It is only by interacting with them that you get to know all of the amazing beings around us. Once you have spent some time up close and personal with the animals, you come to understand them and see them for the individuals they are. In seeing their individual personalities, you start to realize that every single one is unique and deserving of living their whole, natural life, free from harm.

Here are some things you can do:

Find a local animal sanctuary and volunteer.

If you are in the SF bay area, come to one of our local sanctuary workdays. Go to dxe.io/events for more information.

Check out One Living Sanctuary and Animal Liberation Temple. These are the sanctuaries closest to us where we have many of the workdays but there are many sanctuaries in the area. Here are a few:

- Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary
Jolene’s Retreat
Herd and Flock Animal Sanctuary
Little Hill Sanctuary
Jameson Humane
Animal Place
Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary
Rancho Compasión
PreetiRang Sanctuary
- Charlie’s Acres
Kindred Spirits Care Farm
Alma Bonita Animal Rescue
Blackberry Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary

Even more information can be found here.

If you are not local, search for a sanctuary near you and see if they accept volunteers. There is nothing so rewarding as getting your hands dirty and helping rescue animals in need. Most shelters have jobs of varying difficulties so don’t think you can’t help, no matter your situation, just ask.

Provide immediate assistance to animals all around you.

Pigeon First Aid

What is pigeon first aid? Why is it necessary? How can I help our feathered friends? Find out the answers to these questions and more at dxe.io/pigeonfirstaid.

Dogs and cats

There are many stray animals roaming the streets. Many of these animals have a home but they may have slipped through a door or broken fence.  The first thing to note is that not every animal who is on the street needs to be rescued so please look at your surroundings and assess the situation before attempting to catch a stray animal. Many cats are indoor/outdoor companions and may simply be roaming their territory. If you find a kitten, make sure you look around as the mother and more kittens may be nearby.

Some things that are helpful to have with you or in your vehicle are:
- Slip leash
- Treats or food
- Foldable cardboard pet carrier
- Towels

Make sure you are in a safe area when attempting to rescue someone and if you are not, it is important to move to a safe area as quickly as possible so you can look over them for any possible injuries and check them for identification. If they are injured, try not to move them or irritate the area too much but instead, provide them with a soft, safe place to rest.

Contact animal control or your local shelter immediately for next steps.


The best thing you can do if you find injured wildlife is usually to leave them alone. Often, we want to help, but only make things worse when it comes to animals in the wild. However, if you do come across someone in need, here is some helpful information.

- Wildcare: Found an Animal FAQ
What to do if you find a baby bird
National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association
- The Humane Society - State by state list of rehabilitation facilities

Help us catalog and report rodenticide (rat poison) bait boxes.

All information about rodenticides, what they are, why they are devastating to entire ecosystems, and how you can help end their use can be found at dxe.io/rodenticide.

Start your own microsanctuary.

Learn all you need to know about starting your own microsanctuary at dxe.io/microsanctuaries.