DxE exposes mass killings due to COVID-19

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Take action with us to #CancelAnimalAg. Together we can expose the violence of animal agriculture, save lives, and transform our food system so we never experience another nightmare like this again.

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Animal cruelty causes pandemics, and pandemics cause animal cruelty. We need to stop the cycle and #CancelAnimalAg.

DxE's hidden camera footage showed dead pigs covering the floor, following a ventilation shutdown (VSD) procedure.

It is animal agriculture that breeds diseases like COVID-19 into existence in the first place, inside overcrowded, unsanitary factory farm conditions. And it is animal agriculture that then abuses the most vulnerable members of society, sickening workers and dumping animals like trash, to keep maximizing profit. The only solution is to shut down this violent system once and for all.

Iowa Select Farms in Utah
DxE's drone camera captured Iowa Select Farms trucks filled with dead pigs after "depopulation".

Right now, factory farms are disposing of their animals through mass kill methods like ventilation shutdown, which causes a slow and painful death through hyperthermia and suffocation. Farms are literally roasting their pigs alive – and DxE is capturing it on camera to expose this horror to the world.

With your help, we can shine a light on the industry's darkest secrets and rescue animals like Gilly. We need your support to keep whistleblowers safe and continue challenging this industry at the frontlines.

Gilly, a piglet rescued from being roasted alive by DxE investigators, at her new home.

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Join us in tweeting at Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds (@KimReynoldsIA) to ask her to end this violence in her state.

We also encourage people around the world to urge their own representatives to adopt the Cancel Animal Ag policy memo.