Let Dairy Die

Tell the USDA: Stop Subsidizing the Dairy Industry

DxE investigations at dairy farms across the US have exposed egregious animal cruelty. Baby cows are routinely separated from their mothers hours after birth. Calves, who are very social in nature, are then isolated in small hutches, routinely exposed to both extreme heat and cold with minimal protection. Male calves -- of little value to the dairy industry due to not producing milk -- are often killed at days or weeks of age for the veal industry. Females enter into the same cycle of impregnation and familial separation as their mothers, until they are eventually slaughtered once their production decreases.

The public is turning against this cruelty and milk sales are steadily declining, but our taxpayer dollars are still being used to bail out Big Dairy. It's time to end government subsidies to the dairy industry and invest in more sustainable and humane plant-based alternatives.