Right To Rescue

Upcoming “Right to Rescue” trials in California, Wisconsin, and New York could open the floodgates to a radical new view of animals under the law.

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Right now, activists with Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) are facing years in prison for rescuing animals from farms, slaughterhouses, and labs. These legal cases present a powerful opportunity to elevate the stories of farmed animals to the public, and victories in court expose and destabilize the industry. In October 2022, DxE activists won the first-ever “not guilty” verdict for an open rescue case in the #SmithfieldTrial. Just five months later, we won the second acquittal for open rescue in the #FosterFarmsTrial. These acquittals were major wins for the Right to Rescue, but our work is far from over. We have more trials coming up and we need your help to use these cases to spark a revolution for animal rescue and animal rights. 

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