Stop Smithfield

Attorney General Stein:
Stop Smithfield,
Protect Pigs & Humans

Tell North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein to investigate Smithfield’s criminal animal cruelty and rampant antibiotic abuse

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Smithfield Foods is the largest “pork” producer in the United States, slaughtering one fourth of all the pigs killed for food in the US. It is owned by the Chinese company WH Group, which is the largest "pork" producer in the entire world.

The filthy, crowded environment at Smithfield's farms leads to rampant disease and often to death.

Direct Action Everywhere activists spent nearly a year investigating a North Carolina Smithfield pig farm and this is what they found.


DxE investigators discovered plastic bags filled with the testicles and tails that Smithfield cuts off of piglets without anesthesia.
In the crowded, filthy environment, staph infections like Greasy Pig Disease spread throughout the farm, causing greasy scabs, painful lesions, and death.
DxE investigators found entire rooms full of pharmaceuticals, including Carbadox, a carcinogenic antibiotic that is banned across most of the world.
Investigators found Lauri on the brink of death and rushed her to urgent care.
Activists carried Lauri out of the filth and brought her straight to veterinary care for treatment.
Lab tests discovered that Lauri had a staph infection, infections that can be lethal in pigs and when transferred to humans.
Today Lauri has her health back and a new chance at life. She loves to run around freely and chase her friends.

Lauri is just the beginning. Help us save more.

Powerful corporations are abusing animals, spreading antibiotic resistance, and threatening all life on the planet. We need to take action to expose their crimes and to stop this dangerous cycle from spinning out of control. Lauri’s story of rescue and recovery has the power to change the world, but we need your help to continue exposing the truth until every animal like her is safe and free.