Are you ready to start a Microsanctuary?

The animal rights movement cannot win without microsanctuaries.
We need to build a network of safe spaces for nonhuman animals, because in the next few years, we will rescue bunnies, chickens, pigs, and other animals to rescue them from exploitation and to tell their stories.

Want to help small animals by starting a Microsanctuary?

DxE's animal care team has successfully helped individuals adopt rescued animals and design cozy, safe homes for chickens.

How can DxE support me and my Microsanctuary?

– Consulting and home visit to arrange your place.
– Coop selection and building.
– Fundraising support.
– Chicken placement.
– Support from network of DxE microsanctuaries.

We can help you in person if you are in the San Francisco Bay or through a video call if you are international.