Open Rescue

Some of the most important actions in animal rights history have been rescues on the frontlines of animal abuse. Our open rescues are seen by millions and force the issue of animal rights into the public consciousness. DxE activists are now going to court for rescues at some of the largest factory farms in the world.

You can learn more about these groundbreaking court cases by following the #RightToRescue

Daylight rescue at Reichardt Duck farm

June 3, 2019
Daylight rescue at Reichardt Duck farm

As part of the 2019 Animal Liberation Conference, over 600 activists took part in a daylight rescue of 32 ducks at Reichardt Duck Farm near Petaluma, California. Despite providing extensive evidence of animal cruelty at this farm to authorities in the county, the government took no action to help the ducks. Faced with no alternative, the activists entered the farm to disable the slaughter line and chain themselves to the entrance. In addition to saving 32 lives, 79 activists were arrested and the slaughterhouse was shut down for the day.

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