What is veganism?

From DxE’s perspective, veganism is the way of living that seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—any products or services derived from the exploitation of nonhuman animals. This includes any products made from the bodies or secretions of animals, as well as those developed using animal testing.

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How does DxE go beyond veganism?

DxE fights against speciesism in society. Speciesism is the set of oppressive ideologies that perpetuates this violent exploitation of nonhuman animals. DxE regards living vegan as one crucial expression of anti-speciesist philosophy, but not the only one. To truly oppose speciesism, we must take comprehensive direct action to change the world for all animals, and living vegan is just part of this.

A stronger framing for animal rights

Speaking about speciesism, rather than veganism alone, frames the argument in animals’ favor. Veganism is commonly seen as a lifestyle choice, focused on our individual consumer behavior. DxE focuses on animals, their lives, and our collective liberation as a social justice issue.

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Anti-speciesism addresses more than veganism can

Common formulations of veganism only ask us to reject the most direct products of animal exploitation. This often ignores animals killed in farming processes and urban development, those trapped in zoos and aquariums, and other victims. Anti-speciesism addresses all cases of unnecessary and avoidable violence against animals.

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Building a movement will take more than just veganism

Movement building is a key ingredient in creating long-term systemic change. A focus on promoting veganism only leads to isolated and powerless vegans. We seek to create more than this: a global network of closely connected activists working together on strategic campaigns.