Why Animal Liberation?


For thousands of years, Humanity has placed its heel on the throat of our fellow Earthlings.

We kidnap a baby elephant from her mother, break the child’s spirit with horrendous beatings, and parade her for our entertainment in a humiliating circus of slavery. We throw a fox pup into a filthy cage, where he spins around wildly in confinement-induced madness, and then electrocute and skin him to steal his beautiful skin. We pour burning chemicals into the eyes of a sweet bunny, as she shakes in terror and pain, to determine the “safety” of another cosmetic. We force a loving mother dog into a festering puppy mill, where she is made to pump out baby after baby, like a machine, for use in the slave trade we call “the pet industry.” And we brutalize a sad-eyed pig, by shackling and hoisting him into the air, as he cries out in terror and pain, before we slice his throat and turn his broken body into “meat.”

As a culture, we must open our eyes to the violence that is happening behind closed doors everywhere. We must open our eyes to the common feelings that all animals feel, the common fears that we all fear. After we have opened our eyes, we can make a better world by opening the eyes of those around us to our mission to create a better and more compassionate world. 

Animal liberation is a simple idea:  That every sentient being  deserves the same safety, happiness, and freedom that we ask for ourselves. The movement is growing rapidly, and we want you to join! 

Until every animal is free.

Other animals feel happiness and pleasure, just like us.