Design Request Form

Want a design done to support your animal rights activism? Fill this out!

Guiding notes:

  • Typically we turn down requests for items that are needed within 1 week. Especially for items that could have been requested well in advance.

    • E.g. Christmas is the same time every year - asking for Christmas-themed designs within 2 days will earn nothing more than a sassy eye-roll.

  • Please fill this form out for each type of item you are requesting.

    • E.g. if you are requesting 2 placard designs (1 chicken, 1 cow) and a banner to be made - you should submit this form twice. One for the placards, and one for the banner.

  • Note that we only provide you with files, and you are expected to print the materials with your own resources. is a great resource.

Name *
DxE's design work is done entirely by unpaid volunteers, and there is a large backlog of work that needs to be done. Please respect their time, and only request items you will actually use. *
DxE Creative/Design team meets once a week on Tuesday nights. As such, please submit requests by Tuesdays at 5pm if you'd like a response within 1 week.
When are you (first) planning to use this item? *
When are you (first) planning to use this item?
When do you need this item by? *
When do you need this item by?
Note that we can typically finish complete requests within a week IF the requests are submitted before Tuesdays, 7pm PST. If you require something on a shorter timeframe, please contact us directly.
What type of item are you requesting? *
How are you printing your materials? *
This is so we can optimize our files to work best with your printer.
E.g. Letter sized, FB cover photo, 2.5x10 foot banner etc.
Be specific. It helps a lot if you paste links to examples of similar things.
Links to some you found yourself are helpful! Make sure they are large/high resolution or else we'll find our own to substitute.