Wayne Hsiung

Published on:

October 30, 2013

DxE Confronts the Chancellor of UCSF

At a speech for UCSF donors and alumni, DxE disrupted, questioned, and confronted the Chancellor of the university (and the former President of a major pharmaceutical company) about the "gruesome" and "chilling" conditions inside UCSF's labs. "There are 800,000 animals suffering and dying in your labs," I said, as police and staff immediately converged.

The Chancellor replied, disingenuously, "Don't worry.  These guys will get you, so I can talk to you afterwards." But seeing that I would not relent, and that the police would not "get me", she ended with "Enjoy the party," and ran off without finishing her speech.

At that point, three other DxE activists came forward from the crowd in front of the stage with placards held high saying "STOP VIOLENCE." Together, we said, "It's not science. It's violence." 

Hundreds of people stared as we were escorted out of the area by the police. And dozens came out afterwards with questions about UCSF's murder of animals, as we continued our protest on the sidewalk outside of the event.  

The 800,000 animals at UCSF continue to suffer and die. We never forget that. But today, their voice was heard, loud and clear. And even the animal abusers will remember that. 

The animal rights movement is everywhere. And we will be heard.