Wayne Hsiung

Published on:

August 21, 2013


There has been incredible attention paid to the Earthlings march, particularly in Israeli media. It's now reaching across the pond to the US. A DxE organizer in Chicago will be interviewed by an Israeli TV station today. The Bay Area march has received two similar interview requests. 

But in the midst of this incredible energy, let's not forget the powerful campaign that has arguably most fueled the fire in Israel: 269life. Uncompromising, smart, and always controversial, the campaign has generated coverage and dialogue, and at a rate perhaps never before seen in this movement's history. 

The day before the Earthlings march, 269life will hold a facebook day of solidarity, in which the organizers will ask all of us to change our profile avatars, to the searing brand which represents the calf that inspired the campaign. 

Check out media coverage of the campaign. Check out the controversial methods they have used to force an ideological showdown. And decide for yourself -- how far would you go, to make animal liberation a reality?