Wayne Hsiung

Published on:

January 13, 2014

Chipotle: the "Marketing Master"

Media Magazine calls Chipotle the "marketing master" and notes that McDonald's and Starbucks are following in the company's marketing wake.

Every aspect of strategies is laser-focused on reinforcing and building awareness of the “Food with Integrity” brand mission that is Chipotle’s core differentiator — its promise to deliver “fast” food that’s not only fresh, but from sustainable sources wherever possible...

"Overall, the marketing support for Chipotle’s increasingly resonant “Food with Integrity” cornerstone has “helped us create considerable word-of-mouth...allowing us to build awareness with relatively low advertising expenditures, even in a competitive category, and to differentiate Chipotle as a company that is committed to doing the right things in every facet of our business,” recently summed up. (It’s no coincidence that giants like McDonald’s and Starbucks have been running their own food-sourcing-themed campaigns in recent times.)

Are we going to allow our movement to be taken over by fast food conglomerates? Or are we going to call Chipotle out for its CEO's violently broken promise?

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