Wayne Hsiung

Published on:

January 14, 2014

New York Times: The End of "Animal Welfare"

The New York Times writes today that the era of "animal welfare" is over. It's time to afford animals -- all animals -- dignity and respect. 

a broadening, deepening concern about animals that’s no longer sufficiently captured by the phrase “animal welfare.” An era of what might be called animal dignity is upon us. You see signs everywhere....

This is only going to build, because at the same time that scientific advances force us to gaze upon the animal kingdom with more respect, the proliferation of big and little cameras — of eyes everywhere — permits us to eavesdrop not just on animal play but also on animal persecution. It’s all documented, it all goes viral, and we can’t turn away, or claim ignorance, as easily as we once did.

As activists, we can choose to be stuck in the past, with retrograde ways of thinking and impoverished requests for marginal change. Or we can join the growing movement for animal liberation. 

Our movement is dominated by voices of compromise, apology, and evasiveness. But our country is ready for a stronger and more confident message. If we can't speak as strongly as the nation's flagship mainstream paper -- the New York Times -- then what does that say about our movement? 

But we can speak strongly. And we will. Join us on January 25, in taking that strong stand. It's not Food. It's Violence.

Until Every Animal is Free.