Wayne Hsiung

Published on:

October 20, 2014

Introducing Saryta - DxE's New Blog Manager

by Wayne Hsiung

Our original intent for the DxE blog was to have a diversity of voices from, not just DxE, but the animal rights community chime in on important subjects. That's fallen to the wayside, in large part because of the unexpected effort of coordinating a massively-growing international network. 

But that's why we're so excited to have a new and dedicated blog manager and writer -- the amazing Saryta Rodriguez. Saryta's incredible credentials and experience are below. But beyond being a standout writer, she's just a standup person and friend. She's been with DxE since before it was even DxE. Organizing with a small group of activists in Phoenix, Saryta and her crew were key to our early growth, as they were perhaps the most powerful early demonstration that our platform had appeal beyond the Bay Area. And she has served as adviser, counselor, editor, and, above all, an incredibly good friend. 

A few months ago, Saryta moved to the Bay Area. And while that was a big loss to the Phoenix animal rights community, it's a huge gain for the Bay Area. In the coming months (year? decades?), Saryta will be taking a lead role in: (1) finding great content about animal rights for our blog; (2) developing writers within the DxE network; (3) interviewing influential figures in the movement; and (4) writing some great blog posts herself. 

I've gotten a preview of her first blog post -- about the Walking Dead and animal rights -- and it's simply not to be missed. But I am just as confident that there are even bigger and better things to come. 

So please, welcome Saryta as our new blog manager.

About Saryta

Saryta is an editor, publishing consultant, animal liberationist, and writer.  She graduated from Columbia University in 2008, having majored in Sociology and Philosophy.  Ever passionate about social justice in all its forms, Saryta served AmeriCorps both as a member of the NYC Coalition against Hunger in 2005-2006 and as a City Year Service Leader at PS 57 in East Harlem.  After working at both David Black Literary Agency and Penguin Publishing, Saryta headed west and founded her own company, Brave New Publishing. She spent a year in Phoenix, AZ, where she joined PALS (Phoenix Animal Liberation Squad, a chapter of DxE) before arriving in Oakland and joining DxE’s Bay Area branch.  She enjoys delivering speak-outs in both English and Spanish.

Saryta is the founder of the Bay Area’s Walk for Retinoblastoma, the first of which will be held in July 2015; and is currently writing a book about Animal Liberation.