Published on:

May 13, 2014

She Is Gone, but I Will Not Let Her Be Forgotten

(by Kelly)

I visit my parents on the condition that there are no bodies of beings who did not want to die in the kitchen when I come around. Today, when I arrived unexpectedly and before my father has returned, I saw the bones and partially eaten remains of someone's body in a plastic case inside the fridge. So I picked up her body, and dug the grave pictured outside in the yard, as we did with our companion cat who passed away a decade ago. This may do nothing for that individual, whoever she was, but it was the nonspeciesist way to remove her body from the house.

I have held many rescued, alive and well chickens now, and I could see by the small size of her body that this person was definitely just a child, probably only a month or two old, when most chickens who are exploited for their flesh are gassed or put in shackles and sent through an electric pool before having their throats slit on an assembly line.

Taking such an overtly nonspeciesist action like this -- when that intention is made clear to others -- is a direct action, as when my father sees the little grave, however hatefully he may react, he will not be able to ignore the confrontation of speciesism, and hopefully this will further him (and my vegan brother and mother) on the path to anti-speciesism, so that we can reach Liberation and see our and this little one's cousins set free.

Rest in peace.