Adam Kol

Published on:

January 26, 2016

Art and Animals I: Genevieve


by Genevieve Cottraux

This is the first installment in a regular series of posts highlighting art about animals.

The endangered Smith’s Blue butterfly, an illustration for an environmental impact report, circa 1990.

Sara, age 17-1/2. She and her brother Ben were found as newborns alongside a jogging path. My first attempt at fostering—I couldn’t part with them! Ben passed away last year.

My most recent foster, Kianna, age 3. She was taken into the East Bay SPCA as an injured stray—her pelvis was fractured and they amputated her tail. She recuperated with me for a month and is now available for adoption at the shelter.

Balboa, about 6, tested positive for FIV. Super loving, he’s been at the shelter for a few months now, waiting for someone to see past the battle scars from life on the streets and give him a chance at the good life in a safe home.

Tofurkey, about age 5. Sweet girl with numerous health issues: kennel cough, multiple dental extractions, medial luxating patella, and a heart murmur. Shelter intake November 10, 2015