Priya Sawhney

Published on:

January 23, 2017

The Liberationist Podcast: The Disruptor's Mentality

If you’re tuned into all the ongoings of DxE, you’ll know that every Friday we have a “DxE Discussion” where we talk about some aspect of the animal rights movement. Through many months of these weekly discussions, we’ve seen the power of giving people the right information and frameworks through which they can empower their activism – topics ranging from analyzing speciesism, to the power of open rescue, to what current world affairs mean for animals – and today, we’re making those discussions available for everyone.

Introducing, The Liberationist Podcast.

Starting today, and every Monday from now on, we will release a new “podcast-ified” version of our DxE Discussions for anyone to listen to, anywhere, at any time. And not only that, we’re starting with the first DxE Discussions ever made – if you’ve ever missed a discussion, or if you didn’t even know about them until now, you’ll soon be able to find and listen to any episode, via whichever podcast application you use: iTunes, SoundCloud, the Apple Podcasts app, and more.

This is a huge opportunity to learn more about the animal rights movement, and also to share information with others who might not know about these issues. We’ll also be listening to your feedback and making things better as we go along, so please – let us know what you think.

We’re really excited to bring podcasts into the DxE media repertoire, and we hope that you find them useful in your work as an animal rights activist.

In this week's DxE Discussion, Wayne Hsiung discusses, "the disruptor's mentality." If you've ever wondered what it takes for activists to jump onto the dodgers field or interrupt Bernie Sanders at a rally, you'll want to tune in.

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