Zach Groff

Published on:

January 26, 2017

Rescued Animal Profile: Ava

(Berkeley Animal Rights Center Newsletter)

by Priya Sawhney

Animals want to be comforted in times of distress. I know this because I identified Ava in the Whole Foods Egg Farm. In her filthy cage, Ava was struggling. Her feet were deformed and I knew she was in pain. I held her in my arms before handing her off to Sara. Despite not knowing me at all and having little faith in humans, she didn't fight. She was calm in my arms. Ava was scared but as soon as Sara started petting her, she became comfortable. We told her everything was going to be okay and she walked off with us to a better place.

Ava had never had any medical attention of any sort, let alone getting her toenails clipped and her feet looked at. At sanctuary, she was given all the treatment she needed after being rescued from an egg farm which only cared about how many eggs she could produce for them. But at sanctuary, Ava got to be experience new things. She got to walk around. She got to step on soft pillows, a stark contrast from the steel cage her feet had known all her life.

Ava is independent. She likes to explore the world. In comparison to the other hens, she's quieter. She likes to make friends and eat snacks. But what sets her apart is that she loves to peck at the Liberation pledge band, if you ever put it down in front of her.